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The financial support for this database has been graciously provided by the PKD Foundation

Special thanks to Athena Diagnostics, and the Consortium for Radiologic Imaging Studies of Polycystic Kidney Disease (CRISP) for the contribution of unpublished mutations as well as all of those who have contributed to the published body of work on ADPKD

This database was designed and developed by the following key individuals:

Version 2.9:
Sandro Rossetti & Peter Harris
Database Curation
Version 2.5:
Sandro Rossetti & Peter Harris
Database Curation
Version 2.1:
Brian Wilson
Database Design & Programming.
Sandro Rossetti
Database Curation

Version 1:
Alex Gout
Data collation, curation and database construction.
Neilson Martin
Hardware set-up, software configuration and programming.
David Ravine
Data collation and resource conceptualization.

It would not have been possible without guidance, critical comments and assistance from the following:
Martijn Breuning, Leiden, The Netherlands
David Cooper, Cardiff, UK Lisa Guay-Woodford, Birmingham, USA Heikki Lehvaslaiho, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK, Terry Watnick, Baltimore, USA
Alastair Brown, Edinburgh, UK Dick Cotton, Melbourne, Australia Dorien Peters, The Netherlands Vicente Torres, Rochester, USA Arlene Chapman, Atlanta, USA Greg Germino, Baltimore, USA Michael Krawczak, Kiel, Germany


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